Kevin & Mary-Jane said Yes!

We’re Engaged!

Our Story

Kevin was a DJ in NY, and I was on tour with my Canadian youth singers group.  One night us girls decided to go check out the NY club scene on one of our down days. Kevin had just finished his DJ set and was heading home, then we bumped into each other. I thought he was super hot, and he must have thought the same because he ended up dancing with me all night.  We had a great night.  Eventually I went back home to Canada, but we remained friends and commnuicated via phone, texting, emails and face-time.   We eventually got into a long distance relationship, and fell in love.  3yrs later he’s asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

July 5th, 2020, We Said Yes!

He proposed to me while walking on the beach viewing the sunset.

About Mary-Jane

I’m just a simple girl from Calgary, Alberta Canada that loves to live life and enjoy the flowers while I can.  I’m a nerd for, video games, pick-up trucks, and muscle cars.  These things hold a special place in my heart.


About Kevin

Hi I’m Kevin, I love muscle cars and pick-up trucks like my other half. I guess thats why Mary-Jane and I click so well.  I’m a web/sound designer who loves to be creative.  I am a huge NY Jets fan, just hoping they can win a super in my lifetime. 

Engagement Details

Please see deatils below on our engage party and other events.

The Venue

2020 West 4th st. NY, NY 10021
Enter through the north doors. Parking is available in the back.

After Party

At Tommy’s man cave.  Just kidding! After will be held at 2121 After Party Ave. Music and drinks and food will be provided. 

Welcome Picnic

We will host a picnic in central park at 1pm sharp.  Feel no pressure to show up at 1pm.  It’s bring your own food…Just kidding.  The picnic is catered.  I hope you like, KFC.


Wedding gear!

Wedding Ceremony

September 25th, 2021
Ceremony Begins @ 4:30pm
Please Arrive 20min beforehand…Billy that means you too.


We can’t control that. But together  lets manifest a great day. 


Details will be available soon








We Can’t Wait To Celebrate With You!

We’re Tying The Knot on September 25th in NY, NY